We Will Exhibit at TIFFCOM ONLINE 2022./TIFFCOM ONLINE 2022に出展します。

We will exhibit at TIFFCOM ONLINE 2022.

We have decided to exhibit our IP “Samurai Animals” at TIFFCOM ONLINE 2022.

[Oct.25(Tue) – Oct.27(Thu)]

We are thinking of adapting the IP into a game or a movie.
The main storyline, individual character episodes, correlations, camps, strength values for each character, etc…

Samurai Animals” has all the right ingredients to be made into a game.

We are looking forward to connecting with game planners, publishers, and others in the game industry, as well as those in charge of planning related to visualization.

If you would like to schedule a meeting, please contact us at the URL below to arrange a date.

TIFFCOM ONLINE 2022に弊社IP「サムライアニマルズ」を出展いたします。

[Oct.25(Tue) – Oct.27(Thu)]