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Created by ART OF WAR

SAMURAI ANIMALS™ is an original character brand which was launched by KENSIN CO., LTD(ART OF WAR) in July 2011.
The twelve Samurai Animals of the Zodiac are divided into two warring armies, with each side fighting for their own version of justice. People can identify themselves with a particular animal character depending on their year of birth.

SAMURAI ANIMALS™ is a fantasy story which centers on the Twelve Animals of the Zodiac who fight to establish a kingdom.

Based on the message of “Justice”, SAMURAI ANIMALS™ presents authentic characters and an intricate and engaging story never seen before.


Here at ART OF WAR, we have been developing original Japanese characters for many years based on the theme of “Conflict” .
We introduce unparalleled characters to the world that are a realistic portrayal of authenticity and convey a deep spiritual nature.
We reflect on the meaning of “Justice” through a “Battle for Justice”.

SAMURAI ANIMALS™ is based on the concept of “Justice” delivering a message that, unlike most character-based licensing properties,
is a distinctive one that is set to impress many people.

SAMURAI ANIMALS™ is a combination of two important elements -“ Samurai” and “animal characters”- into a single concept.
The possibilities for SAMURAI ANIMALS™ are countless and the potential is infinite.

A licensing property that appeals to a wide range of age groups

SAMURAI ANIMALS™ is a historical saga not only for children but also for adults. Breaking away from the usual stereotype of associating characters just with women and children demographic groups, attention has been paid in the creative developmentof every SAMURAI ANIMALS™ character to ensure a level of authenticity and outstanding design never seen before.
This ensures SAMURAI ANIMALS™ appeals to all demographic groups to create a wide fan base.

An Original Storey Featuring Characters Based the Twelve Animals of the Zodiac.

The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac, with each sign symbolized by an animal, is a millennia-old concept predominantly followed in East Asian cultures. Each animal represents one birth year in the single twelve-year cycle.

People in many countries, stretching from Asia including Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan and Russia, to Eastern Europe, tend to believe they have a strong attachment to the animals associated with their own birth years.

Moreover, in western countries, the Zodiac has a long history and people believe there is at least one animal in the Zodiac that matches their personality or human nature. Astrological-based belief is a notion that has a significantly high growth potential.


KENSIN’s original property, SAMURAI ANIMALS™, was nominated as one of five finalists in the 2015 Best Character or Toy Brand Program of the Year category, alongside other nominated world-famous properties from licensors such as Marvel Entertainment/Walt Disney Company, Hasbro and Sanrio.

The credo for SAMURAI ANIMALS™ is “The Battle for Justice” – whilst this was more of a “Battle for Awards”, and Samurai Animals did not win the highly-coveted award (which went to My Little Pony from Hasbro),KENSIN achieved well-deserved recognition for SAMURAI ANIMALS™ as a finalist against strong competition from much larger brands.