The twelve Samurai Animals of the Zodiac are divided into two warring armies, with each side fighting for their own version of justice.

The world consisted of 12 animal-dominated nations and two tribes that did not form a specific nation but wandered without belonging to any nation.
At first, each nation did not interfere with the other and developed relatively amicably.
However, with the development of civilization, the evolution of production technology led to an increase in the number of individuals in each country, resulting in the accumulation of wealth.
The gap between rich and poor among the nations became clear, and soon the nations entered a period of warfare in which they competed for wealth.

Eventually, the two kingdoms were consolidated into two major powers: one led by tigers and the other by dragons.
In each kingdom, troops were assigned according to the aptitude of each animal, and fierce wars continued day and night.

Episode Ⅰ


It is a dark, misty dawn. A troop of Wild Boars is lined up under the command of Silver Ax, who lost one of his eyes in last night’s battle.


The Confrontation

White Tiger had never won a face off against his older blood brother, Black Tiger.
But he thought to himself, “You don’t need to be afraid any longer. The day has arrived to bring down my brother, Black Tiger.”


Mortal Battle Ⅰ

White Tiger’s injured soldiers, who had tried desperately to save their chief, yelling “Protect the king at all costs. This is a good place to die!” were being felled one-by-one by the Bears’ fierce attacks.


Mortal Battle Ⅱ

Brahman saw the battle flags of his own troops waving where a cloud of dust had been raised, and muttered “We’ve been set up. We were too late.”


Character Episode

Episode "Nina"


Episode "Silver Ax"